A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 2

A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 2

And so onto part two of my ‘A Splendid Day Out 2016’ blog. If you haven’t read Part One it would probably be a good idea to go and read that first. Or not, it’s your choice I suppose.

Volunteering Time!

Saturday was another incredibly hot day – Morecambe actually looked something akin to pretty in that kind of sunshine. I arrived a little late but still early enough to help with the set-up. For me, set up was sorting out the information tent. I was introduced to my co-volunteer for the day, Sarah, and together we got our table, leaflets and billboards set up in time for people to start arriving. We were also joined by Tamsin and her friend, whose name I feel awful for not being able to remember.

After much discussion on Facebook prior to the event, it was decided that volunteers should be identifiable in some way. Someone kindly put together a bunch of ASDO-orange sashes, which made lovely bright additions to everyone’s Steampunk attire. Continue reading “A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 2”