Splendid and Faintly Ridiculous

Splendid and Faintly Ridiculous

A Splendid Day Out October: Smaller But Perfectly Formed was pretty much exactly what it said on the tin. Although, of course, it was a Splendid weekend rather than just a day. University timetables meant that I didn’t manage to make the Friday evening event and screening of the BBC feature in June’s event, but Saturday and Sunday were full on and full of lovely people and lovely things. And a phrase I never thought I’d say once, let alone multiple times over the course of a weekend: ‘oh no, I’m stuck to my sugar tongs!’

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Academic Steampunk

Academic Steampunk

To many undergrad students, the third and final year of university means one thing: the dreaded dissertation. Or not so dreaded, depending on who you are. But a big deal. Luckily as an art & design student there’s less focus on essays and assignments and more on actual design projects, so a 10,000-word essay isn’t on the books. Instead we’re required to write a 5-6,000 word Critical Research Paper. It’s me. I’m writing about Steampunk.

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Where did the time go?

Whelp. It’s been a while since my last post about ASDO – New flatmates moving in and going away meant I’ve been busy and maybe kinda forgot about this for a while. And also haven’t done anything worth writing about, I suppose. But I’ve been scheming about my plans for the future including some Steampunky projects, so I should have some good stuff to write about soon.

I have two plastic guns to steampunk mod, which I will be obsessively documenting the process of doing. I seriously regret not doing it for the first one I did, partially because I can’t quite remember what I did! The first one I have planned is a sister gun to the one I made for ASDO; quite literally – it’s the same base water pistol, that my sister bought at the same time I bought mine.

The second is going to be a more challenging project. The base is a pound shop bubble blowing gun, but besides the actual bubble mechanism, I’m hoping not to use much of the original build because it’s very flimsy plastic and there isn’t all that much to work with. I also want to make a bubble mix holster of some kind to go with it, so that should be fun.

Finally, the League of Splendid folks have just introduced me to the wonderful world of Teapot Racing. I can’t resist a challenge or a remote controlled …well, anything really, so I’m going to attempt to build my own racing Teapot in time for next summer’s ASDO. I haven’t built a remote controlled model since I helped my dad make a petrol-powered remote controlled Mini Cooper when I was about eight or nine, so it’ll be a learning curve but one I will happily embrace.

So a short post, but hopefully a longer one should be on its way in the near future.

Bis bald,


A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 2

A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 2

And so onto part two of my ‘A Splendid Day Out 2016’ blog. If you haven’t read Part One it would probably be a good idea to go and read that first. Or not, it’s your choice I suppose.

Volunteering Time!

Saturday was another incredibly hot day – Morecambe actually looked something akin to pretty in that kind of sunshine. I arrived a little late but still early enough to help with the set-up. For me, set up was sorting out the information tent. I was introduced to my co-volunteer for the day, Sarah, and together we got our table, leaflets and billboards set up in time for people to start arriving. We were also joined by Tamsin and her friend, whose name I feel awful for not being able to remember.

After much discussion on Facebook prior to the event, it was decided that volunteers should be identifiable in some way. Someone kindly put together a bunch of ASDO-orange sashes, which made lovely bright additions to everyone’s Steampunk attire. Continue reading “A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 2”

A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 1

A Splendid Day (well, weekend) Out: Part 1

As someone who’s been interested in Steampunk for quite a few years now, finding out that a biannual Steampunk festival had started in my crappy nothing-much-happens hometown the year that I moved away for university was a slightly frustrating experience, to say the least. 2016 might have started out as not the best year, but it’s certainly getting better. Taking a year out of uni has unexpected benefits: namely, being able to hop on a train up north just because I feel like spending a weekend dressing up and ignoring the real world in a terribly splendid fashion. (And see my family, of course, ahem).

In a fit of excitement I decided to jump head first into the whole thing, so when I found out they were looking for volunteers to help out over the weekend I sent them an email straight away. I wanted to be as involved as possible, but I guess I also had an ulterior motive.  It being exam season and all of my friends being still at university, this was going to be something I was going to have to do alone. (With an honourable mention to my little sister whom I dragged along with me, but I’ll get to that). Helping out meant that I could show up and have at least a few people vaguely know who I was, and ended up throwing me together with a bunch of lovely people and definitely making the weekend for me.
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