The Captain of This Ship

Hi, I’m Jo Alfie Wimborne: swordswoman, sailor, designer,  tea drinker & adventuress extraordinaire. Also known as Captain Alfie and “oi you, shortass”. I’m twenty-one years old, a graphic design student and freelancer, living in Cardiff, Wales.

The spark for creating this blog came from a friend who asked if I’d considered writing a tutorial for how I modded a water pistol into a steampunk gun. I didn’t, because I’d done most of it based off a tutorial on how to do exactly that, and I’m not really into plagiarism. But the idea lingered in the back of my head and hey, I need something to do when I’m not adventuring, so why not write about it? And so A Clockwork Captain was born.

Swords, Steampunk and other such Splendid Shit

A lovely tagline, don’tcha think? And a fair summary of what I’m planning to write about. This blog will mostly be musings on my experiences in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts; the aforementioned swords) and Steampunk crafting projects and events. Occasionally I will also write about other such splendid shit that I find interesting.



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