I’m starting writing this with a cup of tea on the veranda of Newham Cricket Club listening to Queen, which is a good situation to give the feel of how this bank holiday weekend’s been; especially when you factor in the fact that it’s just started raining and if I look up there’s two zombie targets fifty or so metres away.

And now I’ve finished that sentence the sun has come out again.

Nerds With Swords was literally just that – a bunch of like-minded people getting together to chill in a field, drink beer and prepare for the zombie apocalypse. As we were hosted by some wonderful folks from Newnham Archery Club it was mostly Nerd With Bows who happened to have some swords with them – we did a lot of shooting, quite a bit of swordplay and “tasted” a lot of beer. And by tasted I mean we drank four small kegs of craft ale on the first night and slightly regretted it in the morning.

I was quite pleased to find that despite not having held a bow since I was in Brownies, I picked it up again quite quickly. Right now I’m sticking to a sword come the Zombie Apocalypse though – after only hitting the zombie target once (in the practice round damnit) I ended up taking it down with a good thrust to the head to make myself feel better.

I also found a new favourite game, Munchkin, which is a parody of D&D like tabletop games. I was a legendary thief half Centaur half lizard, everyone clubbed together to try and take Nick down with a level ninety something monster, but in the end his shiny hat and some baby oil saved him and he ended up being crowned Munchkin King. Even though by the end he was so tired he couldn’t read his own cards. Definitely something on the to-buy list.

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A week on and I’ve recovered from the hangover and lack of sleep (from last weekend anyway, this weekend’s a different matter). We had a fun class last night learning handworks and disarms, including Nick’s classic “So they’re coming at you with an oberhow… so you drop your sword, and just grab his”.

There were a couple of new people, including another girl(!) who has a feder(!). Hopefully she wasn’t put off by being injured in the warm-up of her first session with us, which I think is a record. I also sustained my worst swordfighting injury to date, courtesy of Jack and a massive smack to the elbow which hit right on the funny bone. All is well, however, as despite being sore and bruised I have regained use of my right hand and can type again.


Bis Bald,


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