It’s exciting times for Virtus Sword School Cardiff – we’ve been talking about expansion and improvement for what feels like forever (though it’s probably been a few months) and finally things are starting to move. Expect a lot of updates on what’s going on, because shameless not-quite-self promotion is basically what blogging is all about.

The idea is basically this – get the word out, get people in, ???, profit. Well, something like that. Our core group of members is incredibly excited about what we do, and we all get a kick out of telling people what we do on our Sunday nights. When you say sword fighting, it sounds fucking cool, right? And people get interested. But we’ve never really had any way of actually getting those people to come along and try it for themselves.

I was incredibly excited last week because my shiny new camera arrived in the post, and on Sunday I got to give it a great trial run. A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say, so having a bunch of photos of everyone kitted out, practising and sparring, is pretty damned important.

It was an interesting class – the beginning of our membership drive (namely, Nick actually being able to answer emails from prospective victims, I mean, students) meant that there was a bunch of new people, two instructors, and three of us regulars. Luckily none of the newbies were on the run from the police or anything, and so consented to having their photos taken. So in between failing miserably to get my Verfliegen right, I ran around taking as many photos as I could.

Being able to look back at photos of fights brings a new perspective – it’s amazing how your body language can reflect a situation, which is probably something worth remembering in sparring.

You can almost feel how shit scared Matt is in the first photo, especially when you compare him to Nick in the second.

The next step is to work through the photos and start using them – Facebook page, business cards and flyers are what’s up next on the advertising front. From a club point of view, next up is having enough kit to cope with the influx of new people. And for me? As well as helping working on advertising material, I’m going to work on that Verfliegen so I can do it properly, and without hitting myself in the face.

I’ll leave you with some choice photos from Sunday and an apology for my failed attempt at a joke with the title.

Bis bald,



If you’re in the Cardiff area and want to have a go yourself:

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